Louis XV

This is my Louis XV chair, which with folies de grandeure I think of as my 'reading chair'. It's right below the window where the resident smokes his Galois and looks out at the Loire.

I went to La Souris Gourmande for lunch, and a fellow diner was a famous person. I didn't recognise him myself, but people came up to him and asked for selfies. All I can say is that he wore immaculately white trainers, and that he ate fondue with two friends.

You distracted me there, but in that chair I was reading C. P. Snow's The Sleep Of Reason. I think he may be one of my favourite authors. There's a bit where he says that free will may not exist, but you have to go in as though it did. It's not a very satisfactory answer to the problem, but it's the same (provisional) conclusion I've come to.

Well the task for me now is to find a suitable bar to watch France v. Romania in the opening game of Euro 2016.

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