Will The Future Workplace Still Need You?

My friend Kazim Ladimeji has written a book called Will The Future Workplace Still Need You?, which I've just finished reading. As he says, this isn't a book of philosophical speculation, but a practical guide on what action the individual should take to avoid being replaced by a robot. The time-scale goes from the present to about 20 years in the future.

One of the things that impressed me about this book was that it's based on a number of rigorous studies, and concrete examples are given that are properly referenced. In short, it's well researched.

Kazim tells us about jobs that have already been automated, and then those that will be automated in the near future. He also talks about jobs that have a low probability of being automated, and new jobs that don't exist yet. These new jobs include Nostalgist, Rewilder and Robot Counsellor. When I saw the title Robot Counsellor I thought it meant people that talked to robots that had problems. To find out what it actually means, you'll have to read the book!