France 2015: 4

Every morning we stand in a queue for water at the pump...

The Romeo and Juliette style balcony just outside my front door.

Looking back, this photo was taken at the time I stepped in a huge dog turd.

This is a monument built by Americans to thank the French for their help with supplies during the first world war. There's a marble statue labelled Procurement.

A long walk by the Loire to get the dog poo off my shoe.

An accordion player just walked past. A bit awkward as I was sitting outside eating and couldn't avoid him. Things got worse as he homed in on me as a vulnerable tourist. He serenaded me and then I felt obliged to give him two Euros. Note to self: remain resolute when faced with buskers.

Blue Shirt had made a reappearance. He sprang to my side and shook hands like a long lost friend. He reminded me of the coffee I had promised to buy him, and I rashly said that we'd go to a bar and I would buy him a coffee. The owners of the bar were well acquainted with Blue Shirt, and expressed scepticism about his ability to pay. At that he gestured to me and announced, 'the English will pay!'. He made a nuisance of himself at the café, butting in to other people's conversations and generally being annoying. He kept asking me for money and I kept refusing. I made an excuse that I had to go back to the house, but in fact I'm studying Kyle Brooks' tutorial on logic on a nearby bench. I'm anxious about him finding me.

I don't know what this place is. It's near me and you can see it says Murder Hamster on the door.

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