In Search Of Lost Vice

Warning: First world problem alert!

One of the amazing things about In Search Of Lost Time is how many of Proust's observations of how the mind and memory work are now shown to be scientifically correct.

I remember in the mid-eighties watching Miami Vice as a child. Maybe eighty-five or eighty-six. That sounds quite old for a child? No, I'm talking about the year. Anyway, I used to watch that programme and now the memory of it is very potent. The theme tune takes me back to those days in Littleton Panel when I'd stay up late on my own watching the TV.

Now I listen to it on Youtube, and I've now listened to it loads more times on Youtube than in the eighties. Am I, as Proust would have it, destroying my memory of that time? As, I understand the research, memories that are retrieved are put back and the putting back changes them, it is a creative process. Proust is right. I'm sad to be slowly losing that memory. Or maybe I'm wrong...

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