The Prime Minister

Reading He Knew He Was Right led me on to The Prime Minister. This is a sensitively written and very enjoyable story, part of a soap opera really, or to be fancy a roman fleuve. Sometimes Trollope talks directly to the reader. I don't like this as it breaks the illusion of being transported to a different world, and it reminds one that it's a book. People might say that this is post-modern, but whatever it is I don't like it. Jane Austen did all that 'dear reader' stuff and I think that perhaps that's where Trollope got it from. Thankfully it's out of fashion nowadays and I'd like it to stay that way.

While we're on this kind of topic, I don't like it in films or books where at the beginning someone looks into the middle distance and says, 'it all started on a damp Tuesday in Mayfair...' and then they go on to tell the story. I think Heart Of Darkness starts like this. It happens a lot in films too. I don't like it because it's like the story has already happened and it's all predetermined.


Hellstrom's Hive

I read Frank Herbert's Dune while living temporarily in Wells. A unique time. So Hellstrom's Hive is my second FH, lent to me by Zoe through Charlotte. It's a book of extremely high quality. Written in the the late nineteen sixties, it doesn't feel dated and has all you hope for, including very sharp writing, excitement, and good ideas.

If I didn't know it was written by Herbert, I wouldn't have guessed it was the same author that wrote Dune. Frank Herbert really has risen in my regard of him.


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Ban On Pesticides Harmful To Bees

I've just been asked to send a letter to my MP about the proposal to ban some pesticides that may be harmful to bees. I don't know enough about this to write to my MP, but from what I've read scientists haven't reached a settled view on it, and so more research is needed, and so I support the ban.


Pass The Libel Reform Bil

I've just emailed my MP about the Libel Reform Bill:
Hi Don, I'm aware that you're a supporter of libel reform in the UK and I'm writing to you as a constituent to ask you to take the necessary steps to ensure the bill is passed before the end of the parliamentary session. I'm concerned that the bill has been 'hijacked' by those seeking to impose press regulation, and I feel that it's important that the original intent of the bill remains intact.