I realized that with Shutterfly you can't get the originals back online, you have to order a DVD :-o I've now ordered a DVD and will switch to SkyDrive. Here's the first batch on SkyDrive.

From the archives, here's my end of year report from the Head of Sixth Form (must be summer 1989):
A very disappointing report. Anthony has ignored the warnings and is yet again making promises about how he will improve. At the moment three fails at 'A' levels seem to be a likely result of two years' lack of effort. Time is running out for him and unless we see significant improvements very quickly we must question the sense of him continuing next year.
And from my physics teacher:
There are signs that Anthony is getting his act together. He is very good at disarming criticism and he has probably had much practice but I would have thought for his own sense of pride and achievement he will work more consistently. He impresses with cogent arguments on the more mind boggling aspects of physics but this must be allied to steady work in the more mundane areas.


Here be angry farmers...

Went for a walk with Andy and family on Sunday.

A bit further on we encountered an angry farmer :-o

Galactic North

I felt a need for some sci-fi and so I went to the library after work and miraculously it was open. There was a single Alasdair Reynolds that I hadn't read, Galactic North. I snapped it up and enjoyed a collection of novellas and short stories, all set in Revelation Space. Immensely enjoyable. A few days later I borrowed Iain M Banks' Surface Detail which I'm reading at the moment.