V For Vendetta

We were standing around the fire-pit, and the conversation turned to Alan Moore. I'd heard a lot about him. I'd watched V For Vendetta, but I'd never read anything of his. Jonathan went and got VfV and From Hell.

It's a brilliantly written and drawn story. I'd recommend it without reservation. From one point of view it's a clash of two political ideas, authoritarianism and anarchy, both of which I disagree with. I favour democracy. I've written before about the dearth of democracy in fiction. Perhaps it's because it's more exciting to read about things being blown up, than to read about the next meeting of the agriculture sub-committee.

So I found myself disagreeing with both V and the Leader. What would I have done? I'd probably not have the courage or ability to do much, but I'd try and be part of a non-violent democracy movement. Easy for me to say from the comfort of my armchair.

Am looking forward to the other Moore book Jonathan lent me.

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