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Here's the lid of the box I had to tackle. It says Physics 1990-91:

It was full of bundles of paper, each bundle representing a subject and past exam papers that we had to do.

Ah yes, Dr Somerford. He was my tutor in my first year. Nice bloke. He asked us a good question about the speed that animals and their young run. It was related to the natural frequency of pendulums (legs).

Theoretical physics was my favourite subject. Dr Mathai took us for that, and I got on with him well.

Looking back, I can't believe what I understood at that time. There'd be no way I could do a first year physics exam now. I could probably do GCSE though. I can't believe that any human could possibly understand all those pages of equations. I was just an average student, so it's astonishing what humans can do. It should give us all a bit of confidence in ourselves.

We all had to do a talk to the tutor group, and mine was entitled How Pervasive Is The Influence Of Isaac Newton On 20th Century Scientific thought?

The whole stack.

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