Archiving 2012-08-24

A short list of stuff this time. This Teach Yourself C++ book was great. It must have been after uni that I got into it. I don't think I made it through all 21 days. I prefer to learn as I go on a real project.

This was my post-uni job hunting folder...

I think this was stuff we used at Belvoir Road for working on the house. Cleaning the loft maybe?

No idea where this is from. Belvoir road perhaps?

That turquoise shaving brush is from ages ago.

Junk mail from Sky

Following on from my earlier post about Sky sending me junk mail when I was a signed up to the MPS, I've heard from the MPS that I'm not actually registered at all! Ooops, I thought I had but it looks like I owe Sky and apology. Sorry Sky.