Archiving Box November 1989

Moving on to the next box. Here was the stuff I had to deal with:

I called it Deep Storage. It is all a bit embarrassing. Those black plastic rings used to be on the end of the cylindrical spotlights that used to be in my bedroom at Deverell Close. I removed them because they seemed to serve no purpose.

In the bottom right hand corner is my address book. I think it had about eight people in.

I used to play for the Bath Gladiators junior American football team. We used to train every Sunday. I think we only ever played one proper match. I can remember that match. It was a really hot day at the Bath rugby ground. A burger stand was set up. I was a wide receiver. I only had the ball thrown to me once, but I did catch it. Awesome!

The middle document is the list of skiing exercises that we had to do before going on the school trip to Aprica when I was nine.

I think the writing on the right was my mum teaching me French before my GCSE exam. I didn't really know much French until then, but she taught me for two or three hours, and I learnt more in that time than in several years of school lessons.

At school we had to write about a hobby or activity that we did in our spare time. I wrote about the Under 17s Car Club.

I think it was in the summer holidays between the 4th and 5th years at Dauntsey's that I did work experience at an architect's office, the Carter Hughes Partnership. I dressed smartly in a jacket and tie, and made cups of tea, picked up photos from the developers, ran off copies of architectural drawings from the ammonia copier machine.

On the right is the draft of a letter to send to a bank. It was humorously modified by my brother. It's worth zooming in to read it.

The bottom right booklet is a programme for the Elixir Of Love, an Opera in which I had a non-singing part. I played a soldier. We rehearsed at Bath Uni.

A leaflet from Lost In The Mix. The sort of thing that doesn't happen any more, now that the internet is here.

I seemed to be always lending money to my parents...

Draft of an article for the school magazine.

There's a photo of Roger, our dog. And there's me.

In the sixth form I interviewed the head teacher Mr Wetz. Here's how it appeared in the school magazine.

Draft of the interview:

A photo of me with a massively bouffant hair style, looking a bit like Kim Jong-Il.

More drafts for the comedy page of the sixth form magazine.

A to-do list from my work experience at Carter Hughes:

Phil's coaches was the minibus that took us to school in the sixth form. On the right is a list of cakes. It was one of my duties at Carter Hughes to buy cakes.

Dave's writing...worth zooming in!

I went with my dad to London to see the Career Analysts. A big event. In the break for lunch I met up with my dad and we had a meal at a restaurant. I remember having trout and the waiter came over with an enormous pepper mill. Delicious meal. The analyst asked me what I wanted from the job, and I said that I wanted to be content. She asked me if I had ever been content!

It must have been in the third or fourth year that my brother and I both got stereos. Doug went for one with detachable speakers and better sound quality. I went for one that had a double take deck so that you could copy and dub music etc.

In the sixth form I bought a Barbour jacket.

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