Box Two Of The Great Clearance

A label on this said Habitat, which of course doesn't exist any more. Or have they still got one shop open? Anyway, it used to be my desk lamp. I remember it at University, clamped to the desk.

This squash racquet is a lot older. At Dauntsey's there were squash courts. I enjoyed playing and wasn't that good, but could hold my own. I distinctly remember playing against someone and Dappo (one of the alpha-male types) came up and offered his support and encouragement and advice on a feud I was having with someone. I can't remember the guy's name. Let's call him Guy. I'd had a fight with Guy after a hockey game. I'd got a nose bleed and so the result of the fight looked much worse than it actually was. It was perhaps the next day when I was playing squash that Dappo heard about the fight and came to find me. I think he thought that an injustice had occurred and it was his job as unofficial leader to help the weaker members of the group (me). I politely declined his help.

Sketches of ideas for art on the web.

This looks like some notes on TheElected, the now defunct online directory of all the planet's elected representatives. I gave up on the idea. My I shouldn't have done. The best thing about it was that you could click on any point on the globe and it would tell you all your elected representatives. Cool!

These are pages from some sort of job application:

This is when I did some work for Alan Beadnell. We had plans for a lot more work. I can remember planning one of the first online estate agents. Pity that never got off the ground. I did do a kind of JavaScript fruit machine gadget.

A job application letter that I'd written at Elsevier, the publishers. They're in a lot of trouble now, having got on the wrong side of the open access debate.

An old CV.

Oriel Systems, where I worked for a while:

Apparently I applied for a job as a mailing machine operator at the Theatre Royal in Bath. I'd forgotten about that. Didn't get the job.

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