After Bill's comment, I'm making great efforts to get the orientation of the photos right.

Now, I think I made this bag in primary school. In it I kept IOUs from people to whom I had lent money. The one in the bottom right hand corner is an IOU from my Mum for 60p.

Surely parsley? I got the spelling horribly wrong.


The page on the right is from a book of fonts that I found really useful. I'd copy out the letters, often tracing them.

I think this drawing was by my brother. He was always drawing cars.

Drawings of people in the sixth form common room I think.

Drawing of a bridge in Oxford, probably done while I was in the sixth form. Oddly enough I was in Oxford yesterday sitting on a bench and I looked up and saw that very bridge.

Our dog Roger, immortalized.

Random architectural type drawing.

A sketch from Oxford again. My Mum's publisher was in Oxford, and we went down there occasionally. I remember drawing this when waiting for her to come out of a meeting.

A riverside building in Bradford On Avon that has now been turned into retirement flats. These architectural type drawings were done when I was trying to build up a portfolio to do architecture at Uni.

Classical sketch.

Charcoal drawing of a plant.


Not sure where this house is.

This is of a house by the canal in BoA.

This building by the canal in BoA is still there. Been done up now. I should do a before-and-after.

Leeds castle I think.

With this, we're at Dauntsey's doing CDT for GCSE. It was in a brand new building. I used to work there virtually every evening.

In the bottom right there's a postcard from Nadine to my mum when we were living at Ensley Gardens.

A painting I did in:


Brass rubbing from somewhere...

I think it was in primary school that we did a project on native Americans. I remember calling myself Green Feather. Here's a pouch I made. I also recall going to the American museum in Bath.

This picture was up somewhere in our house.

Calligraphy doodles.


Doug had this up in his room.

Awards for skiing.

I never saw Ghotbusters, but the logo fascinated me.

I like this painting / collage.

A Renault 4. We always had Renault 4s.

I was away skiing on my mum's birthday.

I remember painting this with Simon when we were living at Huntingdon Rise.

I like this one. Comes from the myth below:

Like this one too...

I think this was a 1976 or 1977 one.

I think it said 'thunderstorm' on the back. Another one from the 1970s?

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