Yahoo!'s failure to understand the importance of a user's content

Yesterday I received this email from Yahoo!:
Dear User,

Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to Yahoo! Groups Labs Applications (beta) and Groups Chat. We thank all the users that were a part of this program. We intend to use this learning to enhance Yahoo! Groups further with new features.

On July 04, 2012, we will shut down the Yahoo! Groups Labs  Applications (beta) and Groups Chat. We request you to backup any data that you might have created using the applications.

This closure will not affect your other services on Yahoo! Groups.
We look forward to continue having you as our customer.

The Yahoo! Groups Team
There's a real problem with Yahoo!'s attitude to user content. Content created by a user should never be deleted, and Yahoo! doesn't understand that. It's fine to shut down a service, but the content should remain in perpetuity, not be erased. It's valuable to the user, and until Yahoo! understand that, they won't be trusted by me.



There's a skip permanently placed near my house.


After Bill's comment, I'm making great efforts to get the orientation of the photos right.

Now, I think I made this bag in primary school. In it I kept IOUs from people to whom I had lent money. The one in the bottom right hand corner is an IOU from my Mum for 60p.

Surely parsley? I got the spelling horribly wrong.


The page on the right is from a book of fonts that I found really useful. I'd copy out the letters, often tracing them.

I think this drawing was by my brother. He was always drawing cars.

Drawings of people in the sixth form common room I think.

Drawing of a bridge in Oxford, probably done while I was in the sixth form. Oddly enough I was in Oxford yesterday sitting on a bench and I looked up and saw that very bridge.

Our dog Roger, immortalized.

Random architectural type drawing.

A sketch from Oxford again. My Mum's publisher was in Oxford, and we went down there occasionally. I remember drawing this when waiting for her to come out of a meeting.

A riverside building in Bradford On Avon that has now been turned into retirement flats. These architectural type drawings were done when I was trying to build up a portfolio to do architecture at Uni.

Classical sketch.

Charcoal drawing of a plant.


Not sure where this house is.

This is of a house by the canal in BoA.

This building by the canal in BoA is still there. Been done up now. I should do a before-and-after.

Leeds castle I think.

With this, we're at Dauntsey's doing CDT for GCSE. It was in a brand new building. I used to work there virtually every evening.

In the bottom right there's a postcard from Nadine to my mum when we were living at Ensley Gardens.

A painting I did in:


Brass rubbing from somewhere...

I think it was in primary school that we did a project on native Americans. I remember calling myself Green Feather. Here's a pouch I made. I also recall going to the American museum in Bath.

This picture was up somewhere in our house.

Calligraphy doodles.


Doug had this up in his room.

Awards for skiing.

I never saw Ghotbusters, but the logo fascinated me.

I like this painting / collage.

A Renault 4. We always had Renault 4s.

I was away skiing on my mum's birthday.

I remember painting this with Simon when we were living at Huntingdon Rise.

I like this one. Comes from the myth below:

Like this one too...

I think this was a 1976 or 1977 one.

I think it said 'thunderstorm' on the back. Another one from the 1970s?