The Passage

I like post-apocalyptic fiction, so Zoe recommended Justin Cronin's The Passage. Charlotte had borrowed it, so she gave it to me. It's a fairly long book, but very readable. Somewhat of a distance was put between the book and me by the colloquial, American, 'soccer mom' style. Also, hints of the supernatural put me off. For example, it's never explained how the virals communicate. Cronin's left things open for a sequel, and perhaps these things will be explained. I'm certainly intrigued to find out what happens next. I like the bigger picture that's intimated by the excerpts from Sarah's diary which was presented to an academic conference far in the future. I do want to see that bigger picture so lend me the next book Zoe and Charlotte!


A Visitor In The Courtyard

Sitting outside, heard a noise, looked up there was a visitor:

Various Books Taken To Charity Shop

When Bert stayed at my house for a bit, he left The Godfather. The Schott's Original Miscellany was given to me my brother as a thank-you for being an usher at his wedding. Diary Of A Nobody is a brilliantly funny book, I think Blimp had a hand in choosing it.

Then there's the Anthony Trollope I read recently.


Bath Parking Survey

Bath and North East Somerset council is conducting a survey on car parking. Here's my comment at the end:
I would like to see more pedestrianization of Bath. In particular the route for pedestrians from Oldfield Park to the city centre should be improved with more zebra crossings and paths. Going further, I think that private cars should be barred from the city centre to make it more pedestrian / cyclist friendly.


Junk from the garage

Regarding the title, that's not junk in the Ke$ha sense. I think it was on Tuesday 23rd April that the contents of my garage in Trowbridge was moved to Bath by Me & My Van. The tenants had moved in the previous day, and so the removal of the contents of the garage was somewhat overdue. This is the stack of stuff that I have to deal with. It's completely blocking access to the downstairs loo. It's right against a radiator, so I can't have the heating on.

I seem to remember that it was in the 4th year at Dauntsey's that I made this contraption. The design brief was to make a self powered vehicle that would drive to the edge of a table top, and then stop before it went over the edge. This was my effort; the wheeled probe dropped off the edge of the table and blocked the driving wheels. I remember that I put rubber bands around the driving wheels to get more traction for starting and mainly for stopping.

A better view of the stopping mechanism. At school we were in an old building while a brand new CDT facility was being built.

I think this was made in the 3rd year, at St. Laurence School. It was designed for a competition between schools. The crocodile / dragon monster was propelled by rubber bands, and the jaws went up and down in a chomping motion as it went along. There were smoke bombs in the nostrils. Unfortunately the teacher messed up the times and when we arrived my category of the competition was over!

Fast forward to my job at Open World. I think this was drawn by Miranda, I put it up by my desk.

This is the extract of Great Expectations that I read out at my mum's funeral.

Here's a ridiculous picture of me at Open World.

Jottings on the now-defunct website The-Elected.

As a child / teenager I used to be really into typography. I didn't know it was called that though :-)

Called 'List Of Possible Albums'. From time at Dauntsey's. Perhaps a list of albums to buy? I think more likely a choice of album to do an alternative cover for.

Sketching out the sheets for the CDT project to design and make a device to help people pick things up.

Random sketches. I think I was designing some shutter for my room. Also I like the building at the bottom!

Drawing of a plant. I'd read that Charles Rennie Mackintosh did a lot of drawings of plants and that fed through into his work, so I copied that idea.

Design as a teenager:

Something for my aunt who was thinking of starting a company.

A design for a chair.

Another plant.

Another design for my aunt I think.

Survey questions for the picking-up-things device.

I heard about someone who drew barbed wire really well.

A nascent poster for a church event.

Pages from my 1988 diary.

Maths homework?

My brother and I and Robert Frith entered the Race Against Time.

Another CDT project was to design a light.

Another design for a desk lamp.

I was really into doing drawings for human biology. This was traced!

French vocab from Dauntsey's.

Human biology test.

More human biology homework.

Sketch of poster for Superbowl XXIII.

Sketch of poster of album cover, probably chosen from list seen previously :-)

Specification for desk lamp.

Some maths.

Designs for the desk lamp project.

Traced random stuff.

This is close to the final design that I went for.

This is the top view of the final design.

Alternative desk lamp design.

This one was like an eyeball, filled with gel.

No idea what this is.

A revision card for something or other.

This is from the project for picking things up.

The lamp was part of my CDT GCSE exam. It used a halogen bulb, which had a temporary plastic cover. Unfortunately I left the temporary cover on, and the teacher didn't notice to take it off when the examiner came to look at it, so the examiner didn't get to see the lamp working properly.

A chemistry mind map.

Someone I worked with at Open World left and set up their own company.

I used to have this on my door.

A level maths revision.