The Clear Out Continues

This is part of my ongoing effort to document the stuff I'm throwing out as I sort out my new smaller house.

I've had this sleeping bag for ages. Since I was a child. Certainly since the early 80s, maybe even before! It's been with us on family holidays, packed in the Renault 4. Used as a barricade on the back seat to prevent my brother and me fighting. Great value sleeping bag!

Lovely old jumper. I remember I used to wear it in the sixth form a lot circa. 1989. I remember going to the Ancient Fowl and drinking Zambuca with my friends. Probably Gareth Adams and Jo Carrier IIRC. Some of the holes in the jumper were no doubt made by Roger (our dog).

In the sixth form I suffered from depression, but one thing I did manage to do was redecorate my room. I had a futon with this African blanket on it, over the duvet. The blanket was probably given to us by my aunt. I think the spare use of colour is perfect. From photos, I sort of thought it might be the kind of thing that Lyall Watson might have.

Never wore this jumper much. I think it went in the wash at too high a temperature and shrank. Anyway, I remember wearing it at Uni. I said to my friend that I was worried about an upcoming exam. She said there was no way I could fail, wearing that jumper!

Doug brought the back this Tour de France 1998 t-shirt back from France for me. I've worn it a lot!

Another t-shirt brought back for me by Doug on his travels. This one is from a nightclub in Prague where he saw Sigourney Weaver.

Doug went to see the Dalai Lama and brought back this t-shirt. Even though it's not written in English, you can tell the date is 1991, because it's a palindrome. Next to it is a towel of great family historical significance. Although the exact significance I can't remember. Perhaps it was my grandmother's?

Ah, all the dates of the University Drama Club. I was in a couple of plays. I've gone on about that elsewhere enough I'm sure. The white t-shirt is from the Uni Environmental Society. I wrote the constitution and demonstrated outside Sainsbury's. Also remember fly-posting furtively, but didn't really realize it was illegal.

At Uni a friend of mine was shocked that this jumper had so many holes in. I replied that it was the height of fashion and that the holes had been made at great expense by a designer wearing black. She actually partially believed me! Years later I was wearing it at the Mason's Arms on Newtown in Bradford On Avon. Bill remarked that it really wasn't a jumper to wear outside the house. I've more or less followed his advice since.
I was walking along at Uni and some guy said, 'are you into skating?' because of the clothes I was wearing. I said no, but said I was interested in being interested. So we went and bought a skateboard and did some skating! I've given the skateboard away now. Gone to a good home!

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