Jamie was in Timing by Alistair McGowan at the Rondo theatre, so we went along to see it on Friday last week.

Jamie was the first person on stage, and he looked very different to normal. I know that's what actors are supposed to do, but when it's someone you know it's a bit weird. The play was built around a recording studio, with two rooms separated (in the audience's imagination) by glass. The audience could hear from both rooms, but the characters could only hear the other room when the intercom was on. Got that?

This set-up must have been very technically demanding on the actors, as the dialogue had to be synchronized with the characters in the other room. They pulled it off though, and the whole thing worked well. I don't usually laugh out loud very much, but I did that evening. Jamie's character, a street urchin addicted to his mobile phone, popped up throughout the play, and was a favourite with the audience.

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