Of Plugs And Cables

When I was given a Kindle, I was delighted that the cable connecting the Kindle to the plug could be unplugged and used to connect the Kindle to the computer! I thought this a great breakthrough and thought that everything should work like that. I was surprised therefore when my Nexus S had a fixed power cable, and then another cable to connect it to the computer.

Greek Finances

Greece should not be bailed out, not by the EU or by the IMF. If it's bailed out, it will have its policies dictated to it by the IMF, which will cause huge resentment. A bailout will also reward financial recklessness, because other countries will think that they can spend spend spend until the IMF bails them out. They'll also be paying off the loans for ages, a real millstone around their neck.

Here's what should happen. Greece should default on its debts. It should stay within the Euro. It should carry on with its austerity measures. Greece has a moral duty to eventually pay off the debts, but it should do so at its own pace. At no time should other countries lend to it!


Nexus S

I had my trusty HTC Magic for over 2 years; it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Battery life wasn't too good, it was slow etc. So on Monday I took delivery of a Nexus S.

It's really an incremental upgrade, bigger screen, better battery life, faster. The OS is the same, so the things I used to do on the old phone are done the same way in the new one. The hardware though has additional features such as NFC, which I've yet to get my head around.

In choosing the phone, I wanted it to be as open as possible, so I wanted to avoid the proprietary UI add-ons such as Sense which HTC uses. Also I wanted the phone to be designed for people to have root access to it, without having to jailbreak it. The Nexus S fits the bill.


Submission to the defamation bill consultation

Here's my submission to the defamation bill consultation:
I am writing to you as part of the consultation on the Draft Defamation Bill. I welcome the direction of the bill, but feel it doesn't go far enough to allow full freedom of speech. I would like to see the whole idea of defamation taken out of the legal system. My view is that any possible good that can come of censorship is greatly outweighed by its harm. I am afraid that any defamation law will be abused by the rich and powerful to suppress criticism and dissent. Thus, I believe that anybody should be able to state any view, whether or not some think it false or malicious.