Charles Stross

Palimpsest is the last story of Wireless, a collection of short stories by Charles Stross. Janos recommended Stross. In fact he did more than that, he presented me with a plastic bag filled with sci-fi books, one of which was Wireless!

But back to Palimpsest. It's a novella, and really could be turned into a novel. It was genuinely new and interesting. I loved the scale of it all. Awesome.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I rate Stross very highly as his what-if's and settings are wonderfully creative, while his writing style is often darkly humorous - a fun approach in a genre that often tends towards overly serious tones.

    If you liked Wireless you should definitely check out some of his full-length novels - particularly Glasshouse (the first of his I ever read) and Halting State.

    I'm more than happy to lend you some(more) next time I see you - half the joy of reading is in sharing favourites with others.