The Picture Of Dorian Grey

Alastair Reynolds is a consistently fine writer. I've recently finished Zima Blue, a book of Reynolds' short stories, and every one has been superb. Reynolds is becoming one of my most highly rated sci-fi authors. I've lent the book to Bob at work, who's a sci-fi fan, he's sure to like it.

I'm writing this at Willow cottage in Lostwithiel. I traveled by train, the return from Trowbridge costing just under £60. It's a littoral line for part of the way; here's a photo out of the carriage window:

An advantage of the Kindle is that I don't have to take bulky, heavy books around. I'm not sure how many books the Kindle will hold, but there are 4 stored at the moment, and I'm sure there's room for thousands. I charged it up on Christmas Day, and haven't had to recharge since, and that's having read 2.5 books on it so far.

On the train to Cornwall I finished The Picture Of Dorian Gray. The first two books I read on the Kindle both had the word Gray (or Grey) in the title. Proof, if proof be need be, that God exists. I won't write much about TPODG because I've got a headache at the moment, but it's a salutary book that transmits the protagonist's desperate feelings to the reader.

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  1. Loving the holiday posts. Impressed with the kindle battery life.