I've done some work on MOSM, the mobile web site for seeing a map of where you are. For fun I thought I'd use HTML5. It worked out okay on the browser you get with Android 2.2.

One thing I had to learn to get a web page working in a mobile was to use the meta viewport element:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

If you try out MOSM, you'll notice that it has two flaws:
  • The downloading of the tiles is really slow. I've turned off the tile buffer, where it downloads tiles off the edge of the screen, but it's still slow.
  • To get the current position, it doesn't trigger the retrieval of GPS coordinates. An app does, but a browser app doesn't.
If you know how to solve these problems, please let me know.


  1. I've just tried MOSM. It didn't seem slow in any way, perhaps your connection is causing the problems.

    Also, what exactly is it for?

  2. Did you try it on a mobile phone? That's where I found it slow. Slower than you'd expect even on 3G. I suspect it's downloading more tiles than are needed.

    What is it for? It's for looking at on your mobile to find out where you are, it'll centre the map on your current location using whatever location info your mobile has eg. GPS, location of masts etc.

  3. OK, on my mobile I get error "cant get geo native" msg.

    I'm assuming that's because I'm not willing to sign away my life just to enable the GPS bits on my phone? Android is naff, official!

    Just for feedback, if I clear the error msg I then just get a blank screen. Could it default to something, or at least give some useful info? I'm not sure too many users will understand the android message.

  4. Actually that's my error message! It means that the browser is a bit old fashioned and doesn't support the Geolocation API. Odd because I thought you had the same Android version as me. Probably yet another way in which your phone manufacturer has ruined Android!

  5. That's not the default Android browser. See http://pocketnow.com/software-1/android-browser-roundup

  6. No your right its not the default browser. Its also NOT the mfg supplied one.

    Does the site only work with the android supplied one?

  7. It should work with any browser that supports the W3C Geolocation API. I think the latest Opera Mobile supports it.

  8. Your right, it does seem that Opera Mobile supports the command. Opera Mini, that I was using, does not.

    Still have to give google things though just to use the GPSr in MY android phone. Sucks!