Kindle For Christmas!

My brother and his wife very generously gave me a Kindle for Christmas.

I first want to talk about the plug. Duncan tells me that the iPhone plug works like this as well, but the Kindle is the first place I've seen it. The adapter is built into the plug, and the plug has a USB port. That means you can use the same lead for connecting the plug to the Kindle, as you use for connecting the Kindle to the computer. I think that's just brilliant thinking.

The Kindle directs one to buy a proprietary book from their website. I'm a Free Culture zealot, so instead I searched for Agnes Grey on Project Gutenberg and downloaded to to my laptop. Then using the aforementioned cable copied into the 'documents' folder on the Kindle. Reading is a fantastic experience. The outstanding feature of the Kindle is the screen. It just doesn't look like a screen. It looks like printing on plastic. If we ever get any sunlight, I'll let you know how it performs under those conditions! I'm enjoying Agnes Grey btw, it's a caricature of my experience with my lodgers!

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