Agnes Grey

Agnes Grey is the first book I've read on my new Kindle. I got the book from Project Gutenberg so it is free in the sense of Free Culture and also free of charge.

It's a very buttoned-up book. Agnes is a bit of a goody goody. Puerile as I am, my idea is to re-write Agnes Grey with frequent references to bodily functions.

Having said that, she is also very honest, which makes it such an engaging read. There are few books where the author conveys so clearly their own thoughts, feelings and actions. While reading it, one really feels one knows what it's like to be Agnes Grey. I think it's safe to say she's an introvert, happy when reading or walking alone, but social life is still very important to her, and life without her friends is unthinkable.

I really should be grateful that I live in an age where social interaction is so easy. In Anne Bronte's time you couldn't just text someone, you had to wait for weeks to 'accidentally' meet them while out walking.