Absolution Gap

After reading Diamond Dogs and Turquoise Days I got another Alastair Reynolds out of the library. This is the final book of the revelation space sequence. Now I've just got to read the middle one!

People say he's a Gothic writer. What does that mean? Is it people who put black stuff around their eyes? I went to a Halloween party last night (I know it's not Halloween yet, but it's fine to have it early). I met Kazim in Bath and bought some beer. Incidentally, I picked up a box of 4 Asahi bottles and the cardboard somehow tore and they smashed on the floor of Waitrose.

I stood there gormlessly; Kazim claimed to have seen it coming. A Waitrose guy came and cleared it up. I apologized and slunk off.

As an aside, you can see on the label it says Super Dry. Is this trying to cash in on the popularity of the clothing label?

Well what I was trying to say before you distracted me was that for the Halloween party I put on white face paint, with black bits round the eyes. Kazim didn't do any dressing up at all. I didn't now how to put the black bits on. How is it done? I didn't look cool or scary, I looked like a Panda.

The book! The book! It was nice and long and I like the fact that the science is all plausible. It's a good sign when you want a book to carry on going. I dislike anything with the supernatural in it. It just makes me angry. Like Prince Charles and his homeopathic claptrap.

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