Free the data of the UK electricity market

I lurk on the fringes of the Claverton Energy Group, and there's a perennial complaint that we in the UK don't have access to enough data on electricity generation. I therefore support the REF in their call for Transparency in the UK Electricity Market. The market can't work properly without information, and the REF is asking for:
1. The requirement that embedded generators on the distribution network record
sub-hourly metered generation data and make this freely available to the regulator, Ofgem, who should in turn put this into the public domain. At present this information is not collected.

2. Free public release of sub-hourly metered generation output data for each and every individual electricity generator in the United Kingdom, whether subsidized or unsubsidized. Currently, only part of this information is collected, and what exists is only available on subscription and for restricted and confidential use.

3. Full, free, and public disclosure of data relating to the Balancing Mechanism, including all participants in the market, and their utilization by National Grid. This
material is not at present available to the public, and since costs in this area are set to rise significantly, in large part due to the Government’s renewables policy, there is a pressing need to improve public scrutiny.

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