Ivy Watch 2

As you know, I'm growing ivy on the walls of my house to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Last year I posted a series of photos of the ivy I'm growing. Here's how the ivy looks like now:

Pamela Flitton is doing the best. The only problem is that I have to keep cutting it back to prevent her from encroaching on my neighbour's part of the wall. The other only problem is that she's started to grow onto the patio door, so I've had to cut her back.

Lord Widmerpool is also doing really well. He's starting to grow on the door. Should I continue to allow that?

Ted Jeavons grows against the back of the garage wall. Getting along nicely, but won't really help in insulating the house.

I haven't shown you Jessica Biel before, but she's the most important ivy. Unfortunately she's not doing well. Why? What nutrients does ivy need to thrive? Btw, after months of sunshine my lawn is looking like it's in a very sorry state :-(

Jane Eyre is the second most important ivy plant, and so I'm pleased that she's steadily covering the wall.

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