Shantini suggested that we see Inception, and I agreed enthusiastically.

Early on in the film, a character asked, 'why do you need an architect?', I laughed when they replied, 'they're the closest thing to creators of worlds in people's minds'. So not computer game designers then? Of course, an architect works much better in a film than a computer geek. Put it this way, I'm sure they didn't employ a team of architects to do the film's special effects!

But I'm giving the impression that I didn't like the film. That's not true, I totally enjoyed it. I've recommended it to friends.

There was one thing that puzzled me, why didn't Cobb tell his wife that he'd implanted the idea in her mind? Then she might have been more questioning of her belief.

In fact, the idea that if you die in a dream then you 'wake up' back to 'reality' is nonsense. It's more like playing a computer game, where if your character dies you get another 'life' and the game can continue.

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