Hand In Glove

Some time ago I stayed over at my dad's house for a few days while he convalesced from a minor operation. He's a great fan of Robert Goddard. Having said that he's recently mentioned that he needs to broaden his reading beyond Goddard. Dad's quite a slow reader, but my mum read quickly. Anyway, while I was at dad's house I picked up Hand In Glove. In the same way as a real paper copy of the Sunday Times, this book reminded me of my youth, the days before the internet came along. Goddard isn't into computers. Written in 1992, Hand In Glove has a totally pre-internet feel to it.

The book is well written, all the Goddards are. There are nice sub-plots and things move along in an exciting, page turning way. Maurice's character is revealed cleverly. Call me a social revolutionary, but I find Goddard's world slightly stereotyped. It reinforces a certain middle-class view of the world. I've read a few Goddards before, and because they're so enjoyable I hope to read more.

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