Banning of heading in football?

One of my bets is that the heading of the ball will be banned in football. I sent some new evidence to Toby:
Toby, remember our heading a football bet?


New evidence coming in (I know this is American football, but it applies to all head injuries)...

Toby replied:
A couple of points;

American Football is a lot more heavy hitting than football; http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn4534-american-footballers-endure-car-crash-blows.html

Why isn’t boxing banned? Or contact in ice hockey, rugby, football, judo, karate, wrestling, etc. It isn’t to do with lack of education re head injuries.

Banning heading in football is the equivalent to banning football as we know it. It will become a different game. The sport is so popular and the head injuries so mild compared with many other sports that it will never be banned!

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