The Believers

First of all I'll reveal my ignorance. Having read the book and enjoyed it greatly, I still have no clue why Zoe Heller's book is called The Believers. It probably means that there's a whole sublime level that I've missed.

I've read Notes On A Scandal, and Everything You Know and blogged about them on Yahoo! but Yahoo! deleted my email (which I didn't mind) and blog (which I was upset about) after not using my email for some time. I'm still angry at Yahoo! for deleting it. Will Google ever delete my blog? Please don't! I should really back it up...

Speaking of being angry, I'm annoyed at losing my copy of Jane Eyre. The thing is that I keep on losing my things. I've lost a coat, hat and sunglasses a few weeks ago. I'm always losing stuff.

Anyway, back to the book. I read it over the weekend, and I just had to keep reading it. Heller is incredibly clever, she is witty, sassy and perceptive. The phrase 'caustic wit', comes to mind.

Don't get above yourself with Heller, she'd soon cut you down to size. That's my advice.

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