Who I'm Voting For

Normally I read all the manifestos before voting, but this time I don't feel the need. Here's my summary of the parties:


Gordon Brown has made it clear that to get Britain's economy on its feet he'd continue wildly taxing and spending. I disagree with Brown, and agree with the Conservatives that we need to pay off our debt. I think this is such an important difference that I find myself unable to vote Labour.


I think it's fantastic that they're against raising the National Insurance tax, I'm all for stopping taxing the poor. I also support their economic policy of cutting public spending, and reducing the debt as quickly as possible. I'm appalled by the Tory EU euro-phobia. Why can't they all be like Ken Clarke?

Liberal Democrats

I really like the Lib Dem policy of raising income tax threshold. I wish they'd go further and stop taxing the poor entirely. Electoral reform is a key aim of the Lib Dems, as it is for me. I'm in favour of range voting. I'm a euro-federalist, I want a united states of Europe as a step on the way to a world government!

What a shame that my exchange with Trevor Carbin revealed the liberal democrats to have some economically illiterate policies.


Labour: Fiscal incontinence. Conservatives: First past the post europhobes. Lib Dems: Better tax system, electoral reform, europhiles.

So on Thursday I'll be voting Liberal Democrat.


  1. Score Voting is awesome!


  2. Indeed, although the version of range voting on the website you refer to has the 'no opinion' option, which complicates things unnecessarily.