Inadequate Trains For Bath Half Marathon

I've emailed the Office of Rail Regulation

Hordes of people were unable to board the 10:09 from Bradford On Avon to Bath Spa. The train was crowded because of the entirely predictable Bath Half Marathon. A four carriage train should have been put on, rather than the two that turned up.

Please would you fine the operator.

I'll let you know what they say.


  1. The quite bizarre situation that privatisation has given us means that trains are no longer put on at our convenience but when it's easy for the operators to do so. Customer satisfaction is way down the list of priorities.

  2. The train company wasn't greedy enough. They could have made quite a bit of money if they'd have added another couple of carriages.

    The problem is that there's no competition. If there had been, then a more commercially aware company would have taken their customers.

    It's difficult to see how you can have competition in the railways. Nationalization doesn't help, that means a monopoly with absolutely no competition whatsoever!

  3. What we should do next year is add some competition.

    Either charter a couple of trains that just shuttle back and forwards between say Westbury and Bristol. Or book a load of coaches.

    This time next year we'll be millionares!