The Breakfast Club

I feel physically weighed down by a sense of nostalgia after watching Breakfast Club. It's the first time I've seen it, but the clothes, the music and the atmosphere brought back my memories of the eighties. I was 10 in 1981.

I've got to go swimming now, but I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

I thought a lot about colour, which colours go together. Eighties colours!

In 1986 I started at Dauntsey's School, and we lived in Littleton Panel. A few doors down was a graphic designer who had parties at the bottom of the garden where they cooked large amounts of rice, and played reggae music.

I remember talking to the son of one of our neighbours, he was probably about 20 years old, and he was into surfing. He talked about how cool it was to shoot seagulls with an air gun. He considered me a square and remonstrated that when he was my age he was getting drunk and going to nightclubs, and why wasn't I? I was silent, but there didn't seem the opportunity to do such things, and they didn't seem very appealing anyway. So yes, I was a square.

Round the side of that house was where I spray-painted one of my CDT projects. It was my best subject, CDT. This particular project was a device for picking things up, so that you didn't have to stoop. Everyone had the same problem to solve. Mine was a black plastic tube that opened two-thirds of the way down, operated by a hidden metal rod that was pushed with one's thumb. The idea was that it looked like an anonymous black tube.

Another CDT project was a desk-lamp. Mine was an anonymous grey prism. In fact, it seems that all my designs were based on platonic solids. My CDT teacher was the best teacher. I always regret one time when he made a mistake, and I said, 'you screwed up sir'. I expected a brisk rebuke, but he just looked slightly hurt. I felt guilty, and a bit confused that I had the power to upset a teacher. I grew up a bit then.

So my school days were nothing like The Breakfast Club, but it does have the power to take me back.

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