It's come to my attention that my profile text on blogger sucks bad. I've replaced it now, but for posterity's sake, here it is:
I like mowing the grass, reading and computer programming. OMG, this is sounding bad! I rent the rooms in my house out to quirky lodgers. I call them quirky, but you should hear what they say about me.

I like spending time in the pub with my friends.

I've got two little nephews who are just fantastic!

I cycle everywhere. In fact I've just sold my car because of climate change.

My Dad's great, he's good company for going on a walk or something, and he always helps me out with DIY.

I was brought up a Christian, but after a few years of intense doubt in my late teens I started to describe myself as an atheist.

Politically I was brought up a socialist, but in my early teens I began to think for myself about politics. I began to be in favour of free markets and I put the emphasis on maximising the freedom of the individual.


  1. I like this profile! Especially the parts about quirky lodgers, fantastic nephews, and selling your car because of climate change. Lol@ your new one :p

    I think I found your blog initially because we have some similar interests in literature - The Master and Margarita is my all time favorite book.

  2. Trust me, your new one sucks more badness!