The World Of Zero Privacy

Maude: What if Schmidt was right? Why don't we abandon privacy?

Agnes: But what if you'd bought a birthday present for me? I wouldn't want to know about that until I open it.

Maude: Well just because you could know, it doesn't mean that you'd have to know. The information about what I'd bought you for your birthday would be there to see, but you wouldn't have to go and look at it.

Agnes: What about bank passwords Maude? I'm not telling that to the world.

Maude: In the world of zero privacy, passwords aren't needed.

Agnes: Pray explain...

Maude: With no privacy, it's harder to lie about who you are. Your bank would have lots of information available to judge if the person accessing your account is you.

Agnes: Go on...

Maude: Using cookies, webcams, OpenId, typing analysis, analysis of search terms, emails, chat etc. your bank can differentiate between you and an imposter very easily.

Agnes: Maude you've convinced me. Publish and be damned!

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