Spooks and Energy

I've just watched Spooks.

First my standard plea that the BBC should make all of its shows OpenSource. The license payer has paid for them, so they should be available to view, download, copy, show publicly, adapt, whatever. Also, they should be published using an open format such as Theora or Dirac.

This episode had me tutting and snorting at the TV. The idea was that a gas processing plant had blown up and the nation had a week before the lights went out. The only way to save us was to do a deal with an unpleasant regime and turn a blind eye to them murdering a UK citizen.

If something like that happened, the government shouldn't get involved. Gas prices would rise, which would mean electricity prices would rise. People would use less gas and electricity as a result and a new equilibrium would be found. Other sources of energy would make a healthy profit, directing future investment towards them.

As a bonus nobody gets murdered.

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