Checking NVRAM...

My laptop failed to boot, saying Checking NVRAM... I took the back off the laptop and removed the battery that maintains the settings when the computer is switched of. After a few seconds I replaced the battery. That reset things to the factory default and the laptop now boots!


  1. You are brilliant! There are probably many issues we face daily that have simple solutions, if only we knew them.

  2. Yes brilliant! You did replace the battery, and not just reinstall the old one??

  3. I had faced the same problem Checking NVRAM and...hang...
    after many attempts to troubleshoot...it was due to faulty CD ROM . I had removed it and now booting as per normal.
    ...Yet to replace new one, still running without CD ROM
    So i guess it could be any of the faulty device which causes this'NVRAM Checking" and hang