Gite La Licorne: 2

Fnarr, fnarr!!!

A view of the Loire, taken at Amboise.

There are huge corn fields. Walking in them you feel like you're in Signs.

Segueing neatly from Signs the film, to a sign for a public footpath. This sign means that to follow the blue path, if you're coming from the right stop, and turn right. These signs can be painted on trees, painted on the road, or embedded in dirt tracks. You go from sign to sign, like following spoor when hunting an animal.

The area that I'm in is filled with vineyards.

Grape picking is mechnised these days. The owner of my gite isn't a fan. She says that wine from hand picked grapes is superior.

The grape picking machine on the left is pouring the grapes into a truck.

You'll say that I've been watching too many sci-fi films, but this could be a scene on an alien planet, like the spice harvesters in Dune. The peasants following the machine, tending it like an elephant. Of course they're not really peasants, probably multi-millionare owners of a wine empire. I said bonjour to them, and they replied cheerfully. I've no idea what they said, I learnt French by reading Emile Zola.

I'm going for a jog now. Since I can't understand the signs, I just jog down any old track. I'm sure some of the signs say 'Keep Out', 'Strictly Private', 'Biohazard' etc. Some have pictures of slavering guard dogs, and I've no idea what they indicate.

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