Gite La Licorne: 1

Here's the electricity substation near Amboise that powered the train I arrived on. I took it because I know someone who works for EDF (that's you Sarah).

And to continue the theme of photos that are of interest to people I know who work for utility companies, here's a picture of the local water treatment works:

Having just got back from walking to Amboise, je suis tres fatigue. Or to translate an English idiom into French for humorous effect, I'm on my jambes dernière.

Looked at objectively, my trip to Amboise wasn't a success. I meant to buy basic provisions, but ended up going from cafe to cafe, unable to remember much after the first two chocolat chaud. I *did* get some bread and jam (no butter), so I won't starve. Tomorrow I really must get some proper food.

I'll leave you with a picture of a chateau that I have decided to take by force: