I had a passable haddock risotto at the Watershed restaurant yesterday. We proceeded thence to Screen 2 at the Watershed to see Afterschool.

Some films convey their truth by smoothly omitting the everyday details of life, and some by showing 'warts and all'. Afterschool takes the latter approach. Soon into the film one is immersed in Robert's world of an American boarding school. As he tries to make sense of the world, one is also forced along with him to divine the motives and intentions of the various characters in his world.

Youtube is the lens through which Robert lives his life. When confronted by a real life event, he responds as though it were just another clip on Youtube. When Robert is alone with a girl, he falls back on his Youtube mentoring, and behaves inappropriately.

This is a difficult film to watch, in the sense that moral ambiguity abounds. Things are much easier if there are goodies and baddies, but then if things are clear-cut one feels shortchanged. This is nearly one of those films that bear a second viewing.

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