Bristol Museum vs Banksy

Queuing to get in. It takes about an hour.

Sign at the entrance.

My nephews are really into Thomas The Tank Engine, so this caught my eye.

I hope you can make out the writing, dear reader.

You make your own mind up.

A touch self-agrandizing.

An animated salami sausage. This is part of a series of pieces where an animated piece of food is shown as if it's the animal it comes from. Eg. battered cod swimming in a fish bowl.

Now, someone who knows about art could tell me the painting that this uses.

This isn't a Banksy, it's a biologically accurate model of the AIDS virus.

See the note about the images of the virus in the media.

This made everyone laugh!

I'm disappointed that Banksy uses MS-Windows.

This animated mechanical riot police officer is disturbingly lifelike when you see him in the flesh.

The way we went through the museum, we saw this at the end.

Ironically, the biggest moral question is posed by the very existence of the exhibition, rather than its content. Graffiti is illegal, and yet here we are celebrating criminality. Would I mind if someone graffitied my house? Yes! Unless it was a Banksy, in which case I'd be rich. So should we change the law to make graffiti illegal _unless_ it adds monetary value? Well no, that would be ridiculous. Can someone tell me what my attitude to graffiti should be? Thank you.


  1. If it's in a gallery it's not graffiti!

    I can't tell you what your attitude to graffiti should be but mine is simple: If it improves the thing its on then I approve. If it doesn't then I don't.


    PS. The joke wouldn't have been as funny if the original painting had been called 'Girl at the Ubuntu'!

  2. Oh, and a handy hint is to go after lunch - the queue was only 6 minutes long when we went!