Keep Libel Laws Out Of Science

free debate
My friend Jonathan alerted me to the Sense About Science campaign to prevent libel law being used to stifle scientific debate. Jonathan writes:
The broadcaster and science journalist Simon Singh is being sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association as a resulting calling their remedies 'bogus'. There is a campaign to support him and you can sign a petition.
I've signed the petition because I believe freedom of speech is essential to the health of society. Some may remember an earlier post on the limits of freedom of speech where I quoted Noam Chomsky:
In brief, speech should be protected up to participation in imminent criminal action. So if you and I go into a store to rob it, and I say "shoot," that's not protected.
Also, think of the money that'll be saved in lawyers' fees if we stop these unnecessary libel trials!

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