June 4th 2009: Council elections

On the 4th of June, I've got the Wiltshire Council elections.

My ward is Trowbridge Central, so I've got a choice between John Knight (Liberal Democrat) and Chris March (Conservative). Let's have a look and see what they say...

John Knight

Presumably he will follow A Liberal Democrat Vision for Wiltshire. The first page emphasises prudence and fiscal rectitude. Good. In the justice section there's a mention of restorative justice, which is interesting. Education, fairly standard nothing to frighten the horses. Funding decided by local democracy. Environment: okay, but would rather hear talk of free trade than fair trade. They have a 'leisure' section. I hate this use of the word leisure.

Chris March

The conservatives' don't seem to have a manifesto for the Wiltshire council elections. There is a page on Chris March, but it contains no details of what he intends to do.


Well, the Lib Dems have my vote for the Wiltshire council election on June 4th.

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