I've joined OpenStreetMap, now I just have to get a GPS device and I'll be able to map my locale. I'm thinking of getting an HTC Magic when they come out.

People say, 'why? what's wrong with Google Maps?'. The problem with GMaps is that the use of their data is hedged around with all sorts of restrictions. I want to help create a libre map, a map where people can:

(0) use the map for any purpose
(1) study its mechanisms, to be able to modify and adapt it to their own needs
(2) make and distribute copies, in whole or in part
(3) enhance and/or extend the map and share the result.

I'm doing it for selfish reasons; it'll help create a richer society for my enjoyment! For example, businesses will be able to provide services for me that they otherwise wouldn't be able to do.

I reject the libre manifesto; I'm not against capitalism, and in fact I think that libre knowledge is good for capitalism. Proprietary knowledge is a monopoly, and free trade abhors a monopoly.

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