Newton's Wake

I read MacLeod's The Star Fraction over a year ago now. I enjoyed it, and Newton's Wake is even better. Apparently the guy used to be a computer programmer, then turned his hand to sci-fi. I've toyed with writing a book, but with software I just have to write it, with books I don't have that natural compulsion.

There's an intelligent use of technology in this book. Singularities seem to crop up everywhere now. It seems that once a culture hits a singularity, they then disappear to some other dimension. Can someone explain a bit more about this? A similar thing happens in Banks' culture books. They sublime or something.

I know it's only a book, and I know people are often backed up, but I'm concerned at the casual violence. The violence is depicted, but then not really explored. It may not be fun to dwell on the consequences of violence, but when the protagonist despatches another soldier we don't see the months and years of grief felt by her family and friends.

Well, I end on a rant. Well, that's what blogs are for no?

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