First Great Waste Of Time

Okay, this may get a bit tedious and involved, but I just need to get it off my chest. I all happened when I was travelling from Trowbridge to Swindon by train on Saturday, then coming back the next day.

I travelled from Trowbridge to Bath Spa on my season ticket. At Bath there wasn't time to buy a ticket before the train departed for Swindon, so I hopped on, thinking I'd buy a ticket on the train or at Swindon.

At Swindon I asked if I could buy a return from Bath to Swindon. The person said yes, and led me to the ticket office. The ticket office person refused, saying that I had illegally travelled without a ticked, and I'd have to pay for two singles rather than a return. I argued my case for about half an hour before capitulating. During this time all sorts of security people and supervisors were brought on the scene.

I make a plea to the rail regulator, please can we change the rules so that as long as you buy a ticket at the first convenient opportunity, nobody gets penalised?

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  1. Yes, I've had times when I've tried to buy tickets at the machine in my local station and it's been out of order. When you try and buy the ticket on the train or at your destination this information is treated with disbelief. "This can't be the case - we're notified when a machine is out of order". As if!

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