Badminton epic

Yesterday I lost against Paddy *again*, 2 games to 1.

Backhand let me down as ever. Paddy's main tactic was to hit high and long to my backhand, then I'd do a lame return. If it actually made it over the net he'd just smash it. Then if I was in a position to return it with my forehand, he'd do a drop shot just over the net on the opposite side of the court to where I was. This is new. He's got pretty good at those drop shots now.

Also, I have to say that Paddy's returns were awesome against my smashes. I don't know how he does it.

Fitness let me down as well. Towards the end of the third game I barely had the strength to hold the racquet. I was utterly exhausted. That night I slept for 11 hours straight.

Just in case Paddy reads this: I'll be back!

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