State of Fear

It's so sad that Michael Crichton has died. It's selfish, but I'd have loved to have heard his thoughts on global warming as time went on, and I've always enjoyed his books. State Of Fear seems to challenge the idea of global warming, and attacks the atmosphere in which it's hard (for reasons not to do with science) to voice an alternative view.

It made me think about what I believe about global warming. I've always taken the view that I'm not a climate scientist (or even a scientist come to that!) and so I can't make my own mind up. So I have to trust that the scientific method is proceeding as it should, and getting closer to the truth. So really I'm putting my trust in the scientific method. But who do you go to to find out what scientists think? Well that's really difficult in theory. In practice it's not a problem as time goes on, but on new questions it does seem to be a problem. For climate change I generally go by the IPCC.

One other thing: an idea put forward in the book is that scientific funding should be 'blind'. That is, the people carrying out the research shouldn't know who is funding it. That way you eliminate bias, both conscious and unconscious. I like this idea, can someone implement this now please?

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