On the Sunday after Christmas, we went for a walk along the Canal to the Mad Hatter for high tea. The plan was to then go back to my house to see a film. It was between Persepolis, Eyes Wide Shut and the English patient. I cut the Gordian Knot and grabbed Persepolis.

Last night at Liz's NYE party I was touched that Sarita said she was really pleased I'd made that choice as she probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise. It was an animated story about an Iranian girl growing up, focussing on the politics of the times. It made us feel lucky to have the freedoms we do in the UK, and more determined to defend them.

Talking of NYE, Tom got in touch with me on Facebook out of the blue, and we met up and went to the various parties. Kazim's staying over as well. Still not feeling too well, temperature over though.

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