Free Palestine March!

Yesterday Bath marched to free Palestine. These are Russell How's superb photos of the day.

The placard I carried, enlarged so you can see the words.

Incidentally, you can see a police officer in the background. The policing of the event was exceptionally good. Thanks, Avon & Somerset Constabulary!

Protesters walking past a resting busker.

Me holding Dave Andrews' placard. This is one of the problems with reporting. You see I didn't actually understand Dave's placard, and so avoided carrying it. Caught on camera it seems like I'm endorsing the message.

Lots of protesters came with their kids.

The march was something of tour of central Bath, stopping off at shops that the organizers say support Israel. Does M&S really send money to Israel so that they can buy arms? Where am I going to buy my pants?

I don't think I can write a caption for this.

Onlookers. Everyone was really friendly towards us. Many filmed us.

This is a great shot, as it places the action firmly in Bath.

Russell's juxtaposition of signs. Incidentally, Russ was everywhere at once with his camera. I'd see him in the distance, perched on a litter bin, then turn round to see him at my elbow. A peace-loving ninja.

Well, I was probably in a minority on the march in thinking that war is sometimes justified.

Now this was outside one of the two Starbucks in Bath. We were told that money from Starbucks' customers goes to buy Israeli arms. Is that true? If I catch the Uni bus, I'll often pop in for a hot chocolate while I'm waiting. Not any more.

I believe this is outside Starbucks too.

A supporter of the Israeli action walked through the protesters shouting, 'I support Israel! I support Israel!'. There was good-natured applause from the protesters, admiring her courage, if not her message.

The leader of the march in full voice. Congratulations to the organizers, it was very well done.

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  1. I think Dave's placard is referring to the Warsaw Ghetto. I've been more and more struck by the similarity between the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis and the treatment of the Palestinians by the Jews.