Meta Math!

I'd approached Gregory Chaitin before, but it was one of his technical books, too difficult for me. I did learn a bit about LISP from it though. I ordered Meta Math!: The Quest for Omega from the library, and it was much more readable, although still difficult.

To use algorithmic information theory to review this book on AIT, the amount of understanding generated per word is very high. The Fabric of Reality is like that too. The problem is that some of the ideas are beyond me. If I could only understand both of these books completely; they're worth thousands of lesser books.

I don't want to sound too pessimistic. I learnt about the different approaches in proving that there are an infinite number of prime numbers. Chaitin also talks about Godel's incompleteness theorem implying that mathematical truth is partly something that is found by experiment. I liked his ideas about real numbers and digital philosophy. It supports my view on a digital universe.

Go and read Meta Math!, the guy brings proper maths to you!

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